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About Us

1st Class is a high-street premium dispensary. Our first priority is to deliver the best for our customer, providing variety of exclusive cannabis strains from locals either home farms up to medical cannabis factories. Also, we offer plenty of alternative cannabis medical products; edible, oil, distillate, inhaler, home diffuser, and devices.

Since 9th June, 2022, the legalisation of cannabis industry in Thailand, the cannabis industry is considered as a new S-curve for Thailand. Therefore, we have prepared our expertise and business operation binding to regulation and acquiring all related licenses. We are currently working with our partners to develop exclusive strains and medical cannabis products. Our expert team will dedicatedly help and give a full support to all customers.

Our goal is to build the ecosystem for cannabis business starting from dispensary and wellness under regulated licenses and vertically expand into industrial scale. Our high quality is 1st Class standard; which lab result and certificate must be provided by all suppliers. We promise we will always deliver the best in market.

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1st Class

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Forming our team to expand wholesale business and partnership

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