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Cap Junky

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Cap Junky is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the iconic Kush Mintz X Alien Cookies strains. A super high-powered hybrid with relaxing yet active effects, the strain is the perfect choice for any connoisseur. The high hits you fast and hard, slamming you between the eyes right after your final exhale with a dizzying happy sense. You’ll feel tingly and mentally stimulated, filled with a sense of euphoria that has you soaring and easily chatting with anyone around you. This tingle will soon spread throughout the rest of your body, lulling you into a state of relaxation that doesn’t have you feeling too sedated.

Cap Junky has a sweet and fruity flavour with a potent punch of flowery menthol. The aroma is of spicy fresh menthol, pungent pine and gassy diesel with a touch of fruitiness. Its buds have dense and conical forest green nugs with emerald-green leaves, thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny, milky amber crystal trichomes.


THC 28%, Hybrid

Seeds: Seed Junky Genetics

Cross Breeding: Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11

Flavours: Apple, Apricot, Mango

Effects: Tingly, Hungry, Happy


Source: https://greenlightdispensary.com/park-city-menu/?dtche%5Bproduct%5D=cap-junky https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Cap_Junky/Seed_Junky_Genetics/


Cannabis Flowers for medical purpose, age 20 and above only. Not for use by pregnant women or while breastfeeding.
กัญชาทางการแพทย์สำหรับผู้ที่มีอายุตั้งแต่ 20 ขึ้นไปเท่านั้น ไม่อนุญาตให้ใช้กับสตรีมีครรภ์ หรือให้สตรีให้นมบุตร

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