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How to make a weed budget

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Recession and inflation aside, cannabis can be expensive. But when it’s a regular part of your life, you need to treat it like any other life expense and budget accordingly.

For medical marijuana patients, cannabis purchases are just as important as any other prescribed medicine. On the other hand, recreational aficionados need to stay vigilant, so as not to let a joyous hobby run away with them and their wallet.

Boring as it sounds, budgets remain the responsible way to manage your finances, and there’s no reason cannabis shouldn’t be a part of your monthly spreadsheet. If you don’t know where to start, don’t fret! Here’s some tips for how to make a weed budget.

Start with your income and calculate your expenses

To begin, look at your income. Are you paid monthly, weekly, or biweekly? Do you have a steady job, or do you freelance and pick up gigs? Create your budget around your income or closest estimate.

For example, if you’re paid monthly, you may want to make your trip to the dispensary on a monthly basis. If you get a biweekly check, you may want to set aside a specific amount each week for cannabis. For the self-employed, keep in mind that your paychecks won’t have taxes taken out, so make sure you account for dues before putting money in your weed fund. 

Then, sit down and budget out your other expenses. How much do you spend on food? Rent? Utilities? Car? Phone? Other necessities? How about non-necessities like your weekly trip to Starbucks or Disney+ account? 

Now that you have an overview of your expenses take a look at how much you want to be spending on cannabis.

Decide where cannabis falls on your list of necessities

Are you buying cannabis as medicine or for recreation? All cannabis use is valid, but your budget may require one to take precedence over the other. As a medical patient, cannabis is likely pretty high up on your list of necessities, alongside food, shelter, and other quality-of-life essentials

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